SnapByte's Associate Plan

SnapByte relies mostly on word of mouth and we believe it can be rewarding. How so? Bring us promising leads, by doing this, you are helping our business grow. For that reason we would like to reward you.

We are offering up to R1 200 commission, depending on which package has been sold.

Benefit on extra income with our Associate Plan



Have peace knowing it’s as simple as it sounds. If you may know of anyone that might need a website, assist us to get in touch with them. Or simply refer us to them. Once  sale comes from this process, you get that extra income!

You may also look out for any businesses and find out if they may be interested In taking that step of getting a website? You making the step of talking to your referral makes the chance of a successful sale better.


Payments will be made to our associates bank account – simple.

Payment is processed once a successful sale has been made from your referral and their deposit has been paid.

Standard Package

Earn R 500 per sale

Business Package

Earn R 800 per sale

Epic Package

Earn R 1 000 per sale

Ecommerce Package

Earn R 1 200 per sale

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